Cryptocurrency has primarily influenced the economic landscape over the last decade. The rise of cryptocurrencies has shaken countless markets and has reshaped the way many governments and companies think about the future of finance.

ryptocurrency has primarily influenced the economic

Cryptocurrencies have shown that many people are aware of the rigged nature of the current monetary system. Governments and central banks have way too much influence and control over the money supply. This has repeatedly shown that money printing does not solve any problems and the world debt crisis has continued to worsen over time.

Cryptocurrencies have shown that many people

Financial freedom from regulation, government influence, and spying is unachievable with the current monetary system. Cryptocurrencies and especially privacy coins like Monero and Pirate Chain, offer people the opportunity to be utterly immune to any form of surveillance and tracking. Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven to be highly ineffective when it comes to anonymity in purchase, they are still by far the most used and expensive cryptocurrencies in the world.

 Financial freedom

Over the last decade, many people were able to make a living as crypto traders. That being said, a small number of people made fortunes that have only increased in value as the crypto market continues to rise. Crypto trading has also steadily gained popularity as more and more people are moving to decentralized finance to support themselves.

many people were able to make a living as crypto traders

Crypto trading, however, is not suitable for many people. Despite the vast opportunities it offers, the crypto market is incredibly volatile, and millions were lost way faster than they were made. The newfound freedom from cryptocurrencies is still far from where people want it to be because mass adoption is far into the future. With the current power structure relentless in its pursuit of control and power, it’s going to take a lot more to show the true potential of crypto.

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